6 month one on one women's empowerment coaching

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6 Month One on One Coaching

 1 on 1 Private Coaching Sessions with Debra Over Video Conference or Phone:

  • 24 sessions, 1x per week

  • 60 to 90 minutes each

  • Unlimited email support

Benefits of Confidence Coaching

Why Do You Need This Now? 

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from your body? Do you want to be able to feel sexy and powerful in your skin? Do you want to be able to have the kind of confidence in the workplace to go for the promotions that you want?

What You Will Get From Coaching With Me? 

  1. How to find power in your body

  2. How to actually create space in your hectic, overwhelming life to find more joy, play and experiences in ways that you can make time to get all of it done. When you are able to find space within and declutter your mind, you can embrace the magic of life. So don’t sit back on the sidelines and watch other people have a fantastic life. If you’re going through the routine, and you’re bored or you’re sad, it’s time to change because there is more to life and you  deserve it! 

  3. Set your soul on fire! Cultivate a fire of power from within. Be a powerhouse. be a playful, happy, sensual spirit living the life of your dreams.


CONFIDENCE Coaching is for you if…

  • You want to clear old patterns that are repeating in your life and that no longer serve you, realign your priorities and focus on feeling more beautiful and sensual on the inside and out.

  • You desire to lead with more confidence in the workplace AND within your personal life.

  • You want more of a work/life balance but just don’t know how to create it on your own.

  • You believe there is a definition of beauty that only you can define and you are ready to explore the inner depths of this beauty that will connect you to fundamental confidence in every situation.

  • You desire a more intimate relationship to passionate experiences that bring a sense of joy, freedom and bliss!

  • You are ready to develop a deeper more meaningful relationship with yourself and in turn attract potential dating partners or a relationship that rocks your world!

  • You are in a long term relationship already and want to discover how to create more experiences that connect you to yourself while in partnership.

  • You want to play and have more fun! You desire a connection to your body and ready to feel beautiful in the body you have! You remember the little girl who use to have fun, but don’t realize how to tap into her at this point.