My Story

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a woman, and seen the spark of light dimmed? That was me three years ago, after going through a major breakup and not recognizing myself in the mirror because I had disconnected entirely from my heart’s calling.

Thankfully, I had the chance to start over and develop my life from a place of personal power. I was given a powerful 30 minute window of time with God, where he literally pulled me out of that relationship and gave me my freedom back.

After that miraculous experience, I continued practicing being intentional with my time, connecting to joyful people and places and to things that filled me up with open-hearted curiosity. I started developing additional talents outside of work, travelled across the world and deepened my connection to the divine.

Following a new set of principles brought a deep sense of balance to both my personal and professional life. It is these same principles which I am deeply honored to be able to share with you. 

xoxo Debra Diana

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